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MSW pyrolysis plant main components

MSW waste-to-energy pyrolysis plant consists of several functional units implementing pyrolysis process with coupled conventional steam-cycle with no supplementary fuel or oxygen supply under normal operating conditions. The pyrolysis process converts municipal solid waste into quality fuels namely pyrolysis gas and char.

MSW pre-treatment

Shredding, drying as required

Pyrolysis Kiln

Indirect heated rotary kiln with inlet and outlet housing

Combustion Chamber

Combustion of pyrolysis gas and gas recovered from char

Char Treatment

Energy recovery from char

Heat Recovery Steam Generation

Waste heat boiler to generate steam

Turbine-Generator Set

Steam turbine for electricity generation and condencer

Flue Gas Treatment

Efficient dry gas cleaning, ID-fan and stack

MSW types treated by pyrolysis

fresh MSW at pyrolysis plant

Fresh unsorted MSW

Fresh MSW collected by waste management company

MSW sorting

Sorted MSW

High calorific MSW - Waste Derived Fuels (RDF/SRF) - after pre-sorting of fresh MSW

MSW landfill

MSW from landfills

Old (depleted) MSW with soil from dump sites

Economic and performance advantages of MSW pyrolysis

In year 2004 Institute of Applied Energy (Tokyo) performed an analysis of stoker incinerator and pyrolysis plants operating under the same conditions. The analysis revealed that at any production scale the pyrolysis process with a steam turbine has economic and performance advantages.

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