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Waste plastics management

Plastics disposal is the serious environmental problem. Estimated that the plastics production is increased every year by ~ 8 percent. When landfilled - no degradation; not easy to burn in incinerators; "ocean soup" is the greatest indication of the issue. Pyrolysis of plastics is a perfect solurtion to the problem.

Plastics pyrolysis (mode I)

Plastics pyrolysis and pyrolysis oil recovery

Plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene can be used fro pyrolysis oil recovery, which after by upgrading by distillation eventually can be used e.g. in diesel generators.

Plastics pyrolysis (mode II)

Plastics pyrolysis and energy generation

Plastics is a high calorific waste. Plastics pyrolysis followed by waste heat recovery, steam production and electricity generation by a steam turbine is an efficient waste-to-energy plant.

Scope of equipment supply

Plastics pyrolysis plant consists of 3 main units. Equipment included in two of them is independent on mode of plastics pyrolysis, i.e oil recovery of energy production, while equipment of the unit downstream the pyrolysis unit is determined by the mode of operation.
  • UNIT 1 (Pyrolysis kiln, char treatment sub-unit, combustion chamber for heating-up pyrolysis)
  • UNIT 2 (Energy or Oil recovery unit: structure depends on mode of plastics pyrolysis)
  • UNIT 3 (Gas treatment, ID-fan, stack)
pyrolysis oil distillation

Pyrolysis oil recovery

Unit 2 comprised of the following main components:

  • Pyrolysis oil condenser
  • Pyrolysis oil upgrading equipment, e.g. distillation column

  • steam turbine

    Pyrolysis waste-to-energy

    UNIT 2 comprised of the following main components:

  • Heat Recovery Steam Generation
  • Turbine-generator set with steam condenser
  • Advantages of pyrolysis for waste plastics treatment

  • Environmental friendly waste plastics disposal
  • Waste-to-energy application
  • Liquid biofuel production

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